"When I kissed you and lightning charged in like shrapnel and everything was sweetly wild?"
"Ice plates, hurled to the edge of the shore by the wind and the waves"
Winter Night This poem originally appeared at Paper Swans Press as part of their poetry advent calendar. Snowy branches silvered by moonlight spread out…
"where the shore rock forms long cold plates and the furrowed clouds hang low and heavy over the water."
"There is no wind just a drowsy stillness…"
I love it when she wears my old jeans worn and ripped and hanging loose on her hips and I like to think that at some point during the day when she has…
"Listen! Joy begins as a seed in the blossoming of each new day. It unfolds with the day, exploding out from the centre like a universe."
"Cal went fast, and Katie hollered out the window, and that late afternoon, with its sun sitting low over the horizon, was full of laughter and life."
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